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org::openscience::cdk::ringsearch::SSSRFinder Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

List findEquivalenceClasses ()
IRingSet findEssentialRings ()
IRingSet findRelevantRings ()
IRingSet findSSSR ()
int[] getEquivalenceClassesSizeVector ()
int[] getSSSRWeightVector ()
 SSSRFinder (IAtomContainer container)

Private Member Functions

CycleBasis cycleBasis ()

Static Private Member Functions

static IRingSet toRingSet (IAtomContainer container, Collection cycles)

Private Attributes

IAtomContainer atomContainer
CycleBasis cycleBasis

Detailed Description

Finds the Smallest Set of Smallest Rings. This is an implementation of an algorithm by Franziska Berger, Peter Gritzmann, and Sven deVries, TU München, {.cite BGdV04a}.

Additional related algorithms from {.cite BGdV04b}.

Ulrich Bauer <baueru@cs.tum.edu>

.module standard .githash

.keyword smallest-set-of-rings .keyword ring search .dictref blue-obelisk:findSmallestSetOfSmallestRings_Berger

.builddepends jgrapht-0.5.3.jar .depends jgrapht-0.5.3.jar

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