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org::openscience::cdk::layout::TemplateHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addMolecule (IAtomContainer molecule)
IAtomContainerSet getMappedSubstructures (IAtomContainer molecule) throws CDKException
IAtomContainer getTemplateAt (int position)
int getTemplateCount ()
void loadTemplates (IChemObjectBuilder builder)
boolean mapTemplateExact (IAtomContainer molecule) throws CDKException
boolean mapTemplates (IAtomContainer molecule) throws CDKException
IAtomContainer removeMolecule (IAtomContainer molecule) throws CDKException
 TemplateHandler (IChemObjectBuilder builder)

Private Member Functions

boolean haveSameAtoms (IAtomContainer atomContainer1, IAtomContainer atomContainer2)

Private Attributes

LoggingTool logger
List< IAtomContainertemplates = null

Detailed Description

Helper class for Structure Diagram Generation. Handles templates. This is our layout solution for ring systems which are notoriously difficult to layout, like cubane, adamantane, porphyrin, etc.

steinbeck .created 2003-09-04 .keyword layout .keyword 2D-coordinates .keyword structure diagram generation .require java1.4+ .module sdg .githash

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