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IAtom org::openscience::cdk::layout::StructureDiagramGenerator::getRingAtom ( IBond  bond ) [inline, private]

Get the unplaced ring atom in this bond

bondthe bond to be search for the unplaced ring atom
the unplaced ring atom in this bond

Definition at line 1017 of file StructureDiagramGenerator.java.

References org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IBond::getAtom(), org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObject::getFlag(), org::openscience::cdk::CDKConstants::ISINRING, and org::openscience::cdk::CDKConstants::ISPLACED.

Referenced by layoutNextRingSystem().

            if (bond.getAtom(0).getFlag(CDKConstants.ISINRING) &&
                  return bond.getAtom(0);
            if (bond.getAtom(1).getFlag(CDKConstants.ISINRING) &&
                  return bond.getAtom(1);
            return null;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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