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org::openscience::cdk::layout::OverlapResolver Class Reference

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class  OverlapPair

Public Member Functions

boolean areIntersected (IBond bond1, IBond bond2)
double displace (IAtomContainer ac, Vector overlappingAtoms, Vector overlappingBonds)
double getAtomOverlapScore (IAtomContainer ac, Vector overlappingAtoms)
double getBondOverlapScore (IAtomContainer ac, Vector overlappingBonds)
double getOverlapScore (IAtomContainer ac, Vector overlappingAtoms, Vector overlappingBonds)
double resolveOverlap (IAtomContainer ac, IRingSet sssr)

Package Attributes

double bondLength = 1.5
int maxSteps = 10000

Private Attributes

org.openscience.cdk.tools.LoggingTool logger = null

Detailed Description

Helper class for Structure Diagram Generation. Resolves atom or bond overlaps after the actual SDG was done

steinbeck .created 2003-09-4 .keyword layout .keyword 2D-coordinates .module sdg .githash

Definition at line 56 of file OverlapResolver.java.

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