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org::openscience::cdk::pharmacophore::PharmacophoreQueryBond::PharmacophoreQueryBond ( PharmacophoreQueryAtom  atom1,
PharmacophoreQueryAtom  atom2,
double  distance 
) [inline]

Create a query distance constraint between two query groups.

This constructor allows you to define a query distance constraint such that the distance between the two query groups is exact (i.e., not a range).

Note that the distance is only considered upto 2 decimal places.

atom1The first pharmacophore group
atom2The second pharmacophore group
distanceThe exact distance between the two groups
See also:
PharmacophoreQueryBond(PharmacophoreQueryAtom, PharmacophoreQueryAtom, double, double)

Definition at line 85 of file PharmacophoreQueryBond.java.

        super(atom1, atom2);
        this.upper = round(distance,2);
        this.lower = round(distance, 2);

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