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org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObjectBuilder Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObjectBuilder:

org::openscience::cdk::debug::DebugChemObjectBuilder org::openscience::cdk::DefaultChemObjectBuilder org::openscience::cdk::nonotify::NoNotificationChemObjectBuilder

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Detailed Description

A helper class to instantiate a IChemObject for a specific implementation.

egonw .module interfaces

Definition at line 31 of file IChemObjectBuilder.java.

Public Member Functions

IAminoAcid newAminoAcid ()
IAtom newAtom (String elementSymbol, javax.vecmath.Point3d point3d)
IAtom newAtom (String elementSymbol, javax.vecmath.Point2d point2d)
IAtom newAtom (String elementSymbol)
IAtom newAtom (IElement element)
IAtom newAtom ()
IAtomContainer newAtomContainer (IAtomContainer container)
IAtomContainer newAtomContainer (int atomCount, int bondCount, int lonePairCount, int singleElectronCount)
IAtomContainer newAtomContainer ()
IAtomContainerSet newAtomContainerSet ()
IAtomParity newAtomParity (IAtom centralAtom, IAtom first, IAtom second, IAtom third, IAtom fourth, int parity)
IAtomType newAtomType (IElement element)
IAtomType newAtomType (String identifier, String elementSymbol)
IAtomType newAtomType (String elementSymbol)
IBioPolymer newBioPolymer ()
IBond newBond (IAtom atom1, IAtom atom2, double order, int stereo)
IBond newBond (IAtom atom1, IAtom atom2, double order)
IBond newBond (IAtom atom1, IAtom atom2)
IBond newBond ()
IChemFile newChemFile ()
IChemModel newChemModel ()
IChemObject newChemObject (IChemObject object)
IChemObject newChemObject ()
IChemSequence newChemSequence ()
ICrystal newCrystal (IAtomContainer container)
ICrystal newCrystal ()
IElectronContainer newElectronContainer ()
IElement newElement (String symbol, int atomicNumber)
IElement newElement (String symbol)
IElement newElement (IElement element)
IElement newElement ()
IIsotope newIsotope (String elementSymbol, int massNumber)
IIsotope newIsotope (int atomicNumber, String elementSymbol, double exactMass, double abundance)
IIsotope newIsotope (int atomicNumber, String elementSymbol, int massNumber, double exactMass, double abundance)
IIsotope newIsotope (IElement element)
IIsotope newIsotope (String elementSymbol)
ILonePair newLonePair (IAtom atom)
ILonePair newLonePair ()
IMapping newMapping (IChemObject objectOne, IChemObject objectTwo)
IMolecule newMolecule (IAtomContainer container)
IMolecule newMolecule (int atomCount, int bondCount, int lonePairCount, int singleElectronCount)
IMolecule newMolecule ()
IMoleculeSet newMoleculeSet ()
IMonomer newMonomer ()
IPDBAtom newPDBAtom (String elementSymbol, Point3d point3d)
IPDBAtom newPDBAtom (String symbol)
IPDBAtom newPDBAtom (IElement element)
IPDBMonomer newPDBMonomer ()
IPDBPolymer newPDBPolymer ()
IPDBStructure newPDBStructure ()
IPolymer newPolymer ()
IPseudoAtom newPseudoAtom (String label, javax.vecmath.Point2d point2d)
IPseudoAtom newPseudoAtom (String label, javax.vecmath.Point3d point3d)
IPseudoAtom newPseudoAtom (IElement element)
IPseudoAtom newPseudoAtom (String label)
IPseudoAtom newPseudoAtom ()
IReaction newReaction ()
IReactionSet newReactionSet ()
IRing newRing (int ringSize)
IRing newRing (int ringSize, String elementSymbol)
IRing newRing (IAtomContainer container)
IRing newRing ()
IRingSet newRingSet ()
ISingleElectron newSingleElectron (IAtom atom)
ISingleElectron newSingleElectron ()
IStrand newStrand ()

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