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org::openscience::cdk::graph::BiconnectivityInspector Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Finds the biconnected components of a graph. Two edges belong to the same biconnected component if and only if they are identical or both belong to a simple cycle.

Ulrich Bauer <baueru@cs.tum.edu>
.module standard

.builddepends jgrapht-0.5.3.jar .depends jgrapht-0.5.3.jar

Definition at line 61 of file BiconnectivityInspector.java.

Public Member Functions

List biconnectedSets ()
 BiconnectivityInspector (UndirectedGraph g)
void edgeAdded (GraphEdgeChangeEvent e)
void edgeRemoved (GraphEdgeChangeEvent e)
void vertexAdded (GraphVertexChangeEvent e)
void vertexRemoved (GraphVertexChangeEvent e)

Private Member Functions

void init ()
List lazyFindBiconnectedSets ()

Private Attributes

List biconnectedSets
UndirectedGraph graph

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