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org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::JChemPaintModel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::JChemPaintModel:


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Detailed Description

The model on which JChemPaint opterates. It holds all the models of the different components used in JChemPaint and provides some methods for their interoperability.

steinbeck .created 2003-02-17 .module jchempaint

Definition at line 56 of file JChemPaintModel.java.

Public Member Functions

void activate ()
void addChangeListener (ChangeListener x)
void fireChange ()
void fireChange (Object source)
String getAuthor ()
EventListenerList getChangeListeners ()
IChemModel getChemModel ()
Controller2DModel getControllerModel ()
String getGendate ()
String getLastAction ()
Renderer2DModel getRendererModel ()
String getSoftware ()
String getStatus (int position)
String getTitle ()
boolean isModified ()
 JChemPaintModel (IChemModel chemModel)
 JChemPaintModel ()
void removeChangeListener (ChangeListener x)
void resetIsModified ()
void setAuthor (String author)
void setChangeListeners (EventListenerList changeListeners)
void setChemModel (IChemModel chemModel)
void setControllerModel (Controller2DModel controllerModel)
void setGendate (String gendate)
void setLastAction (String s)
void setRendererModel (Renderer2DModel rendererModel)
void setSoftware (String software)
void setStatus (String status, int position)
void setTitle (String text)
void stateChanged (EventObject e)

Protected Attributes

transient EventListenerList changeListeners = new EventListenerList()

Private Attributes

String author
Controller2DModel controllerModel
String gendate
boolean isModified = false
String lastAction
IChemModel model
Renderer2DModel rendererModel
String software
String[] status = new String[3]
String title

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -6072472241802965261L

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