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org::openscience::cdk::graph::ConnectivityChecker Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Tool class for checking whether the (sub)structure in an AtomContainer is connected. To check wether an AtomContainer is connected this code can be used:
  boolean isConnected = ConnectivityChecker.isConnected(atomContainer);

A disconnected AtomContainer can be fragmented into connected fragments by using code like:

   MoleculeSet fragments = ConnectivityChecker.partitionIntoMolecules(disconnectedContainer);
   int fragmentCount = fragments.getMoleculeCount();

.module standard

.keyword connectivity

Definition at line 53 of file ConnectivityChecker.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean isConnected (IAtomContainer atomContainer)
static IMoleculeSet partitionIntoMolecules (IAtomContainer atomContainer)

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