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org::openscience::cdk::libio::cml::ICMLCustomizer Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::libio::cml::ICMLCustomizer:

org::openscience::cdk::libio::cml::MDMoleculeCustomizer org::openscience::cdk::libio::cml::PDBAtomCustomizer org::openscience::cdk::libio::cml::QSARCustomizer

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Detailed Description

Interface for classes that allow the Convertor to be customized for certain features. The idea here is that the CDK build and runtime dependencies for the Convertor are lowered. For example, QSAR descriptor support and PDBAtom support can be written as Customizers.

egonw .created 2005-05-04 .module standard

Definition at line 45 of file ICMLCustomizer.java.

Public Member Functions

void customize (IAtomContainer molecule, Object nodeToAdd) throws Exception
void customize (IBond bond, Object nodeToAdd) throws Exception
void customize (IAtom atom, Object nodeToAdd) throws Exception

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