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org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::io::JCPSaveFileFilter Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::io::JCPSaveFileFilter:

org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::io::JCPFileFilter org::openscience::cdk::applications::jchempaint::io::IJCPFileFilter

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Detailed Description

It intentionally extends JCPFileFilter to remove redundant data.

.module jchempaint

Egon Willighagen .created 2002-10-05

Definition at line 40 of file JCPSaveFileFilter.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean accept (File f)
void addType (String type)
String getDescription ()
String getType ()
 JCPSaveFileFilter (String type)
void setType (String type)

Static Public Member Functions

static void addChoosableFileFilters (JFileChooser chooser)
static String getExtension (File f)

Static Public Attributes

static final String cdk = "cdk"
static final String cml = "cml"
static final String inchi = "txt"
static final String mol = "mol"
static final String rdf = "rdf"
static final String rxn = "rxn"
static final String sdf = "sdf"
static final String smi = "smi"
static final String smiles = "smiles"
static final String svg = "svg"
static final String xml = "xml"

Protected Attributes

List types

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