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org::openscience::cdk::LonePair Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::LonePair:

org::openscience::cdk::ElectronContainer org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::ILonePair org::openscience::cdk::ChemObject org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IElectronContainer org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IElectronContainer org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObject org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObject org::openscience::cdk::interfaces::IChemObject org::openscience::cdk::debug::DebugLonePair org::openscience::cdk::nonotify::NNLonePair

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Detailed Description

A LonePair is an orbital primarily located with one Atom, containing two electrons.

.module data

.keyword orbital .keyword lone-pair .keyword bond

Definition at line 42 of file LonePair.java.

Public Member Functions

void addListener (IChemObjectListener col)
Object clone () throws CloneNotSupportedException
boolean compare (Object object)
boolean contains (IAtom atom)
IAtom getAtom ()
IChemObjectBuilder getBuilder ()
int getElectronCount ()
boolean getFlag (int flag_type)
boolean[] getFlags ()
String getID ()
int getListenerCount ()
boolean getNotification ()
Hashtable getProperties ()
Object getProperty (Object description)
 LonePair (IAtom atom)
 LonePair ()
void notifyChanged (IChemObjectChangeEvent evt)
void notifyChanged ()
void removeListener (IChemObjectListener col)
void removeProperty (Object description)
void setAtom (IAtom atom)
void setElectronCount (int electronCount)
void setFlag (int flag_type, boolean flag_value)
void setFlags (boolean[] flagsNew)
void setID (String identifier)
void setNotification (boolean bool)
void setProperties (Hashtable properties)
void setProperty (Object description, Object property)
Object shallowCopy ()
String toString ()

Protected Attributes

IAtom atom
final int electronCount = 2

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 51311422004885329L

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