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org::openscience::cdk::renderer::Renderer2DModel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Model for Renderer2D that contains settings for drawing objects.

.module render

Definition at line 52 of file Renderer2DModel.java.

Public Member Functions

void addCDKChangeListener (ICDKChangeListener listener)
void addLassoPoint (Point point)
boolean drawNumbers ()
void fireChange ()
Color getAtomAtomMappingLineColor ()
Color getAtomBackgroundColor (IAtom atom)
Color getAtomColor (IAtom atom, Color defaultColor)
IAtomColorer getAtomColorer ()
int getAtomRadius ()
Color getBackColor ()
Dimension getBackgroundDimension ()
double getBondDistance ()
double getBondLength ()
double getBondWidth ()
IAtomContainer getClipboardContent ()
boolean getColorAtomsByType ()
Hashtable getColorHash ()
boolean getDrawNumbers ()
Color getExternalHighlightColor ()
IAtomContainer getExternalSelectedPart ()
Font getFont ()
Color getForeColor ()
IAtom getHighlightedAtom ()
IBond getHighlightedBond ()
double getHighlightRadius ()
Color getHoverOverColor ()
boolean getIsCompact ()
boolean getKekuleStructure ()
Vector getLassoPoints ()
double getMargin ()
HashMap getMerge ()
boolean getNotification ()
Point getPointerVectorEnd ()
Point getPointerVectorStart ()
Point2d getRenderingCoordinate (IAtom atom)
HashMap getRenderingCoordinates ()
double[] getRotateCenter ()
double getRotateRadius ()
double getScaleFactor ()
IAtomContainer getSelectedPart ()
Color getSelectedPartColor ()
Polygon getSelectRect ()
boolean getShowAromaticity ()
boolean getShowAromaticityInCDKStyle ()
boolean getShowAtomAtomMapping ()
boolean getShowEndCarbons ()
boolean getShowExplicitHydrogens ()
boolean getShowImplicitHydrogens ()
boolean getShowMoleculeTitle ()
boolean getShowReactionBoxes ()
boolean getShowTooltip ()
String getToolTipText (IAtom atom)
HashMap getToolTipTextMap ()
Dimension getUnzoomedBackgroundDimension ()
boolean getUseAntiAliasing ()
double getZoomFactor ()
void removeCDKChangeListener (ICDKChangeListener listener)
void setAtomAtomMappingLineColor (Color mappingColor)
void setAtomColorer (final IAtomColorer atomColorer)
void setAtomRadius (int atomRadius)
void setBackColor (Color backColor)
void setBackgroundDimension (Dimension dim)
void setBondDistance (double bondDistance)
void setBondLength (double bondLength)
void setBondWidth (double bondWidth)
void setClipboardContent (IAtomContainer content)
void setColorAtomsByType (boolean bool)
void setColorHash (Hashtable colorHash)
void setDrawNumbers (boolean drawNumbers)
void setExternalHighlightColor (Color externalHighlightColor)
void setExternalSelectedPart (IAtomContainer externalSelectedPart)
void setFont (Font font)
void setForeColor (Color foreColor)
void setHighlightedAtom (IAtom highlightedAtom)
void setHighlightedBond (IBond highlightedBond)
void setHighlightRadius (double highlightRadius)
void setHoverOverColor (Color hoverOverColor)
void setIsCompact (boolean compact)
void setKekuleStructure (boolean kekule)
void setMargin (double margin)
void setNotification (boolean notification)
void setPointerVectorEnd (Point pointerVectorEnd)
void setPointerVectorStart (Point pointerVectorStart)
void setRenderingCoordinate (IAtom atom, Point2d point)
void setRenderingCoordinates (HashMap renderingCoordinates)
void setRotateCenter (double x, double y)
void setRotateRadius (double rotateRadius)
void setScaleFactor (double scaleFactor)
void setSelectedPart (IAtomContainer selectedPart)
void setSelectedPartColor (Color selectedPartColor)
void setSelectRect (Polygon selectRect)
void setShowAromaticity (boolean showIt)
void setShowAromaticityInCDKStyle (boolean showIt)
void setShowAtomAtomMapping (boolean value)
void setShowAtomTypeNames (boolean showAtomTypeNames)
void setShowEndCarbons (boolean showThem)
void setShowExplicitHydrogens (boolean showThem)
void setShowImplicitHydrogens (boolean showThem)
void setShowMoleculeTitle (boolean bool)
void setShowReactionBoxes (boolean bool)
void setShowTooltip (boolean showToolTip)
void setToolTipTextMap (HashMap map)
void setUseAntiAliasing (boolean bool)
void setZoomFactor (double zoomFactor)
boolean showAtomTypeNames ()

Private Attributes

int atomRadius = 8
Color backColor = Color.white
Dimension backgroundDimension = new Dimension(794,1123)
double bondDistance = 6.0
double bondLength = 36.0
double bondWidth = 2.0
IAtomContainer clipboardContent = null
boolean colorAtomsByType = true
IAtomColorer colorer = new CDK2DAtomColors()
Hashtable colorHash = new Hashtable()
boolean compact = false
Font customFont = null
Color externalHighlightColor = Color.orange
IAtomContainer externalSelectedPart = null
Color foreColor = Color.black
IAtom highlightedAtom = null
IBond highlightedBond = null
double highlightRadius = 10.0
Color hoverOverColor = Color.lightGray
boolean kekuleStructure = false
Vector lassoPoints = new Vector()
transient Vector listeners = new Vector()
Color mappingColor = Color.gray
double margin = 0.05
HashMap merge = new HashMap()
boolean notification = true
Point pointerVectorEnd = null
Point pointerVectorStart = null
HashMap renderingCoordinates = new HashMap()
double[] rotateCenter = null
double rotateRadius = 0
double scaleFactor = 60.0
IAtomContainer selectedPart = null
Color selectedPartColor = Color.lightGray
Polygon selectRect = null
boolean showAromaticity = false
boolean showAromaticityInCDKStyle = false
boolean showAtomAtomMapping = true
boolean showAtomTypeNames = false
boolean showEndCarbons = false
boolean showExplicitHydrogens = true
boolean showImplicitHydrogens = true
boolean showMoleculeTitle = false
boolean showReactionBoxes = true
boolean showTooltip = false
HashMap toolTipTextMap = new HashMap()
boolean useAntiAliasing = true
boolean willDrawNumbers = false
double zoomFactor = 1.0

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -4420308906715213445L

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