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org::openscience::cdk::io::formats::BGFFormat Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::openscience::cdk::io::formats::BGFFormat:

org::openscience::cdk::io::formats::IChemFormat org::openscience::cdk::io::formats::IResourceFormat

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Detailed Description

Miguel Rojas
.module io .set io-formats

Definition at line 34 of file BGFFormat.java.

Public Member Functions

String getFormatName ()
String getMIMEType ()
String[] getNameExtensions ()
String getPreferredNameExtension ()
String getReaderClassName ()
int getRequiredDataFeatures ()
int getSupportedDataFeatures ()
String getWriterClassName ()
boolean isXMLBased ()

Static Public Member Functions

static IResourceFormat getInstance ()

Static Private Attributes

static IResourceFormat myself = null

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