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org::openscience::cdk::config::IsotopeFactory Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Used to store and return data of a particular isotope. As this class is a singleton class, one gets an instance with:
 IsotopeFactory ifac = IsotopFactory.getInstance(new IChemObject().getBuilder());

Data about the isotopes are read from the file org.openscience.cdk.config.isotopes.xml in the cdk-standard module. Part of the data in this file was collected from the website webelements.org.

The use of this class is examplified as follows. To get information about the major isotope of hydrogen, one can use this code:

   IsotopeFactory factory = IsotopeFactory.getInstance(new ChemObject().getBuilder());
   Isotope major = factory.getMajorIsotope("H");

.module core

steinbeck .created 2001-08-29 .keyword isotope .keyword element

Definition at line 63 of file IsotopeFactory.java.

Public Member Functions

IAtom configure (IAtom atom, IIsotope isotope)
IAtom configure (IAtom atom)
void configureAtoms (IAtomContainer container)
IElement getElement (int atomicNumber)
IElement getElement (String symbol)
String getElementSymbol (int atomicNumber)
IIsotope[] getIsotopes (String symbol)
IIsotope getMajorIsotope (String symbol)
IIsotope getMajorIsotope (int atomicNumber)
int getSize ()
boolean isElement (String elementName)

Static Public Member Functions

static IsotopeFactory getInstance (IChemObjectBuilder builder) throws IOException, OptionalDataException

Private Member Functions

 IsotopeFactory (IChemObjectBuilder builder) throws IOException, OptionalDataException

Private Attributes

boolean debug = false
List isotopes = null
LoggingTool logger
HashMap majorIsotopes = null

Static Private Attributes

static IsotopeFactory ifac = null

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